Artist Statement

Hollister gallery setup-copy.jpg

My still life paintings focus on the vessel as a voluptuous sculptural form. The contours of the vessel are sculpted by carving back and shaping the many layers of carefully applied and fused wax. The compositions, influenced by Asian, Classical and ModernDesign, present a visual moment, and evoke a sense of place.

Using techniques both ancient and contemporary, the image evolves through applying multiple materials, layer by layer. The work utilizes encaustic, multimedia, altered papers and cyanotypes prints. The various grounds of "wallpapers" develop a dialect of pattern that frames and influences the style of the dimensional vessel form.

I draw on decades as an artist working in 3D [ sculptor, ceramicist, and designer ] in the contemporary craft movement to evolve my use of materials. My current paintings in wax and muti media are a continuation of my long commitment to a professional and successful studio practice.