Beautifully Haunting

A series of cyanotype collages integrating elements of architecture and nature into a surrealistic vision.

Cyanotypes: Example of Stages

  1. The first print uses a positive transparency. 
  2. The negative transparency is printed over the positive. 
  3. Print 2 (the Negative) is mounted on a panel with an isolated and unified tinted ground. The ground color will be darkened in the distemper process. I add layers of tinted pigments to further enhance and bring forward certain elements from the darker layered ground. The final layers in encaustic add the needed finish to the cyanotype, leaving the observer to wonder if it is a photograph or a painting .
  4. "Balinese Woman with Glass #2"  This image started with identical transparencies printed in the same order. The outcome of the print will always vary due to sun exposure and surface treatment, making each cyanotype its own unique print, a puzzle I look forward to.